Very occasionally you come across graffiti and then you think: ART. Unfortunately most graffiti is fumbling. Because of this municipalities, insurance companies and other organisations spend millions on graffiti removal. Due to graffiti, the street scene is deteriorating to such an extent that the value of properties falls.

Graffiti removal?

There are different ways to remove graffiti:

  • High pressure cleaning with warm water
  • With envrionmentally friendly cleaning agents
  • Luchtgommen
  • TORNADO ACS® system

We choose the best technique, depending on the substrate and the number of layers of paint.
Together with the client we look which technique suits best to remove the graffiti.
On the basis of a test area, the client can decide to have the cleaning work carried out.

Graffiti removal through high pressure cleaning with warm water:
Cleaning the surface with hot water of 90 °C under high pressure up to 200bar.
Paint is soaked seperately by the combination of high temperature and pressure.

Graffiti removal with envrionmentally friendly cleaning agent:
There are graffiti that are easily removable through environmentally friendly cleaning agents.
The products we offer are made exclusively from renewable raw materials and are characterized by the unprecedented friendly nature of people, the environment and materials.
No concession has been made to a successful operation.
Our products are of high quality and an excellent alternative to protectiondamaging products.

The products are:

Developed in a Dutch laboratory

Tested by a knowledge center

As much as possible without danger symbols


Economical in use

Safe for people and the environment

Graffiti removal through AIRGUMMING:

A third possibility is to remove the graffiti with LAIRGUMMING. With this technique, varnish, dirt or wax layers are removed from wood, stony surfaces etc without any damage.
We do this with the IBIX PROBLASTER-25 with Helix® pistol. It’s lightweight, compact and very suitable for carrying out mobile blasting work. The IBIX PROBLASTER-25 is often used for removing graffiti and facade cleaning.